Preventing Teen Tragedy (and adults)
Assisting people with Epilepsy and mental illness
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Upcoming Schedule of Events

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12/6/2013 6:30 - 9 pm Epilepsy Candlelight Concert in memory of Sam Miller

Our Mission

Our Desire is to assist individuals and families affected by mental illness or epilepsy through support, information, and advocacy. Our purpose includes advocacy education of individuals, families and the community about epilepsy and mental illness. Our goal is to reduce the stigma associated with these disorders. 
Our Story

Sam dealt with epilepsy, severe depression, and Schizophrenia. He was an artist, student, musician, and a prankster. He reached out to others trying to help them until his very last day. He seemed unable to speak about the intensity of his  own pain. He remained compliant to medication and therapy. He struggled in other areas that made treatment a challenge. PTT was his T-shirt, hoody, and book-mark company at the age of 16. Sam was an ardent advocate for awareness of depression, suicide awareness, and pro-life. Advocacy was his passion. He started this at the age of ten for epilepsy! Our desire is to help others and try to ease the suffering, prevent loss, and support families. 


While we not a treatment center,  We will  do our best get you the best information for appropriate treatment and support.


Epilepsy and mental illness are treatable conditions! There is HOPE in appropriate treatment! Support offers assistance and the understanding that you are not alone.  PLEASE call for information!
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